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The earliest evidence of people using the Arctic is around 40,000 years ago.” “Scientific claims of this magnitude require far more than plausibility.” Controversies like this aren’t new. In the late 70s, researchers suggested that stone artifacts in California’s Calico Hills were 200,000-year-old tools —but others Skip Tracing Tool argued that they were likely shaped through natural processes. Another group of Californian artifacts, also recovered near San Diego , were billed as 125,000-year-old grinding stones, and that claim was also discredited for similar reasons. “The North American archaeological literature is full of claims like this,” says Grayson. “There is no reason to think that this new one will receive a different professional reaction.”   When I asked him what level of evidence he would need to be convinced, he admits that the Cerruti team is in a tough situation. “There’s probably a nearly-infinite set of natural processes that could produce damage of this sort and no one could reasonably be expected to eliminate all of them,” he says. “The kinds of damage they illustrate are known to occur in non-archaeological settings, often from unknown processes. This might seem unfair—unknown processes are, by definition, impossible to eliminate—but scientific claims of this magnitude require far more than plausibility.” Michael Waters from Texas A&M University would be more convinced by the presence of “unequivocal stone tools.” Those might include knapped stones used to cut bone and butcher meat. But “If you think of this as an expedient site for processing bone, where you break it and cart it off somewhere else, there’s really no reason for refined tools,” says Deméré.

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